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dbt enables data analysts and engineers to transform their data using the same practices that software engineers use to build applications.

dbt is the T in ELT. Organize, cleanse, denormalize, filter, rename, and pre-aggregate the raw data in your warehouse so that it's ready for analysis.


Timescale extends PostgreSQL for all of your resource-intensive production workloads, so you can build faster, scale further, and stay under budget.

Supported versions

Adapter versions Supported dbt versions Supported TimescaleDB versions
1.7.0a1 - 1.7.0a7 1.7.x 2.12 - latest
1.8.0a1 - 1.8.0a2 1.8.x - latest 2.12 - latest
1.8.0a3 - latest 1.8.x - latest 2.13 - latest

The recommended versions of Timescale are TimescaleDB Community Edition or Timescale cloud. It is not recommended to use this adapter with TimescaleDB Apache 2 Edition. See the TimescaleDB editions page for more information.

Features & documentation

Read the documentation (installation | usage) for more information.

Code of Conduct

Both dbt Labs and Timescale have published a code of conduct. Everyone interacting in this project's codebases, issues, discussions, and related Slack channels is expected to follow the dbt Code of Conduct and the Timescale Code of Conduct.